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Historical Figure Of the Month

john flamsteed Name: John Flamsteed
DOB: August 19, 1646
Died: 1719
Sign: Leo
Occupation: British Royal Astronomer
Interests: Lunar theory & telescopes
Pet Peeves: Ill health & Isaac Newton
For March, 2004

Noted for his long, beautiful, golden locks, John Flamsteed was the envy of all the astronomers at the Greenwich Observatory.

Born in Derbyshire, son of a merchant and prosperous maltster, Flamsteed struggled with poor health at an early age which, to some degree, held back his pursuit of a formal education.
But nevertheless, his hard work and determination eventually rewarded him with the title "Astronomer Royal," given in 1675 by King Charles II. Flamsteed then went on to map out the sky with unparralelled definitude--much to the amazement of those around him!
Historia Coelestis Britannica, Flamsteed's complete collection of star catalogues, was mysteriously published in 1725, after his death, and to this day is commended for its resounding accuracy (outside of listing the planet Uranus as a star, which he shall be chided for until the end of recorded history).

In his free time, John enjoyed playing American football with his friends.

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