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Yes--the rumors were true! Now you can actually learn who are you just by carefully filling out the form below and submitting it. Submission of the form will transport your data to a room of crystals that will, in part, decipher your answers and then begin to resonate. After the crystals are done resonating, they will immediately redirect you to a holy site where you can view and take in the information gathered from your soul.

But be warned: neither no-outlet.com nor the creator of this personality test assumes any responsibility for death or injury resulting from suicide or suicide attempt once the user has learned who they are. Proceed with great caution.

Put your name in the box --->

Now that you have (assumedly) put your name in the box, the time has come for answering the questions. Be sure to answer the questions honestly and truthfully to receive the most accurate results; the power is in your hands now.

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What color is your absolute fave?
How are you?
Do you like kittens? Yes, I do. No, I don't.
Are you sure everything's alright? You can tell me.
On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like kittens?
How many times within the last week have you used a can opener?
Do you often feel as if people are out to get you? Yes, all the time. No, not at all.

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